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Top 3 Back to School Must-Haves + Free Wheels on the Bus Download

I want to share a FREE resource, below! The Wheels on the Bus REMIX! Get silly with this classic favorite (think MadLibs) as you ring in the new school year!! I also wanted to share my...

Top 3 Back to School Must-Haves!

1. Prioritize Social Emotional Learning with Hello and Goodbye songs + Songs for Social Emotional Expression

When I'm headed back to school, I know I'm going to need a Hello and Goodbye song! Whether you're a teacher having circle time, or you want a song to start and end each day, or you're a music therapist wanting to start and end each session in a consistent way to ease the transition, you know what I mean :) If you're looking for some options, "Say, Hi," or "To Make a Friend" would be great for hello songs, and "B-b-b-Bye" (my oldest daughter's favorite song :) is a sweet way to say goodbye! Check them out on Spotify or wherever you stream! I also love to GET MOVING early and often! "I'm Feeling Silly" uses the iso-principle to get all those wiggles out and help get brains and bodies ready to learn! We go from jumping, to stomping, to sitting and clapping, to breathing *exhale.*

It's also important to have songs for emotional expression or regulation. One of the things I try to drive home with music therapists and staff in schools, is the importance of Social Emotional Learning. If the child is struggling emotionally, it's going to be really difficult for them to dive into math skills or reading... if their bodies are disregulated, we can support their learning best by providing them with tools to prepare their bodies and minds BEFORE we teach academics.

"All I Have to Do is Breathe" helps with deep breathing - another great one to pull out throughout the day! I hear from parents and therapists that they love using the song for THEMSELVES! "I Play This Way" uses drumming to express a variety of emotions!

In addition to finding these 6 songs on Spotify, you'll find them + 4 more (Sometimes I Feel Angry, Calms Me, Shaking Hands with My Friends and My Feelings) in the Friends and Feelings Bundle (10 songs + a 98-PAGE PDF!!! Packed with recordings, chord sheets, intervention ideas, worksheets, printable visuals, and slide presentation links (for classroom screens, tablets, virtual sessions and more)!)

2. Get Organized with Ready to Use Forms

This time of year I get all the questions about data taking and getting organized! Nothing makes me happier than to SIMPLIFY your practice and give you MORE TIME BACK to do what you love! If that sounds like you, feel free to check out these favorite resources!

Use these coordinating pdf fillable forms and sheets to keep your music therapy paperwork organized, EASY AND beautiful! Includes:

  • Music Therapy Data Forms

  • Music Therapy Planning Sheets

  • Music Therapy Scheduling Sheets

  • Music Therapy Info Sheets

OR grab the Let's Get Digital course and get all the forms included PLUS 3 CMTES!!!

No matter whether you use my fillable forms, or create your own system, know that the front-loaded work of getting organized or creating forms/templates that work for you will pay in the long run for the time (and brain space!!) you save later on!! 3. Back to the Basics with Goal Specific Songs

I love to be prepped for those basic goals I know I will see over and over again! When I'm stocked up on songs for basic math, science, life skills, communication etc., I am ready-to-go when the goals pop up throughout the year!

Goals I'm seeing all the time?


+ counting by one or with one to one correspondence (understanding that each number is associated with an amount)

+ counting by 5's, 10's, 25's - these numbers also correspond with American currency - nickels, dimes and quarters. Counting by 5's corresponds with counting minutes on a clock, too!

Looking for songs to address these skills? You might like the Counting Bundle!


+ identifying each letter of the alphabet

+ identifying letter sounds

+ making sounds/phonemes

+ basic conversation/ask + answer conversational questions

+ reading sight words!

Looking for songs to address these skills? You might like the Language and Communication Bundle or the Reading and Language Bundle

SCIENCE + identifying weather

+ identifying seasons

+ identifying planets/solar system

+ identifying the senses!

Looking for songs to address these skills? You might like the Science Bundle!


+ bathing/showering

+ hand washing

+ teeth brushing

+ chores/home skills

Looking for songs to address these skills? You might like the Life Skills Bundle!


+ identifying places in the community

+ safety signs

+ pedestrian safety

+ grocery shopping

Looking for songs to address these skills? You might like the Community Bundle

And don't forget your FREE Wheels on the Bus Remix download!! Let me know what silly combos you come up with!!

Remember, what you do for kids and teens MATTERS!! It DOES make a difference. So, THANK YOU!! I pray you have a great school year!! Let me know if I can help you in any way!

Spread JOY! <3, Patina Joy

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