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This bundle contains 4 songs to address the basics of language and communication, each with a song recording, lead sheet, strategy description and more!


Let's Sound Out the Alphabet: identify letters of the alphabet + initial phonemes + label items/pictures Letters and phonemes are the building blocks of the english language! Use this simple melody and the colorful graphics to help kiddos produce sounds and words, and to identify letters and nouns! Each letter has it's own verse that identifies 2 words that start with the letter and 1-2 initial phonemes for that letter (i.e. "AA".... alligator, alligator starts with the letter, A! ... "AY"....airplane, airplane starts with the letter A!). This download includes 9 song recordings (2-3 letters per recording) + a printable visual aid with one page for each of the 26 letters!


I Just Wanna Sing: practice specific initial phonemes use this repetitive melody to practice the single-syllable sounds your specific student needs to focus on! Replace the repeated phrase with any phoneme! 


Healthy, Healthy: identify items + expand from initial phoneme to complete word use this catchy song to expand from that initial sound to create a word! "aa - aa apple!" "buh - buh - banana!" Increase language by associating a spoken word with the items they represent! Also includes printable visual. 


When I Say, Hello: practice back and forth conversation + ask and answer questions  Help kids and teens communicate confidently! As language increases, we can begin practicing back and forth conversation!  Whether verbally or via a communication device, practice examples of conversation starters and potential responses! Also includes printable book. 


Looking for more songs like these? Get on the waitlist for the Music Therapy Joy Community where you'll find a resource library with hundreds of songs and printables, plus themed session plans, and NEW session plans added monthly!

Communication Bundle

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