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This bundle contains 4 songs to address science skills, each with a recording, lead sheet, strategy description and printable visuals!


Outer Space: identify planet names and facts about each planet Identify the planets, in order, and learn facts about each planet with this stellar song! 


Seasons Come and Go: identify the seasons Find the beauty in each season! Use this song to identify each season as it passes, or learn about all of the seasons at once!


How Can You Tell the Weather: identify types of weather and temperatures Identify 6 types of weather (snowy, rainy, sunny, stormy, cloudy, windy)and 4 temperatures (warm, hot, cool, cold) with this printable visual and song!


All of Our Senses: identify the 5 senses + sensory exploration use the included visuals or bring in examples (a lemon to taste, lavender to smell, etc.) of each of the 5 senses to explore! 


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Science Bundle

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