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Best of SPRING! my spring favorites all in one place!

Today I want to share with you ALL OF MY FAVORITE freebies, spring printables, go-to songs, instruments, props, spring playlist, (and more!) - in one place!! Let's jump in!!

FREE Printable for Hey, Little Wiggle Worm (+ links for a presentation version and recording!)

Hey, Little Wiggle Worm! is now live wherever you stream or download music! Think, blues meets children's music (the kids will LOVE the snail part at the end)!!!


To celebrate, I'm sharing the printable visual for FREE (which includes the chord sheet PLUS a link to an animated presentation version you can click through along with the song on a classroom screen or tablet)!!!

psst! follow me (patina jackson) as an artist wherever you stream and you'll be the first to know when a new song comes out!


Listen on Spotify.

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Here are some fun ways to use the song! 


  • Play the recording or sing a capella as you finger trace the paths of the bugs and identify their names (verbally, by sign, on a communication device, etc.)!


  • Emphasize verbalization of the silly bug sounds OR add the repeated words, like "buzz" or "hop," to a button or device!


  • MOVE! Wiggle your whole body with the worm, flap your wings (chicken style) as you buzz around the room, spread your arms all the way out as you gracefully glide and flutter like a butter fly, and get your hop-pies out as you jump like a grasshopper! Oh, and don't forget to go slow-mo like a crawling snail - silly faces are a must!


  • Show the animated presentation slides (linked in the free printable below!) for a visual while you dance and sing!

Sing The Very Hungry Caterpillar with me!

Speaking of insects...If you love the classic children's book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, then you will love singing along with the kiddos in your life!! Check it out below, and be sure to subscribe to my channel so you'll catch all my new releases!

And we LOVE rain themes for spring don't we???

Let the Rain Fall Down can be used to pass a rainstick, make a musical rainstorm or talk about what brings you joy, even on cloudy days! BONUS! I've linked the chord sheet + strategy ideas below!!


Listen on Spotify.

Listen on Apple Music.

Listen on YouTubeMusic.

Listen on Amazon Music.


My Spring Must-Haves!

I've also shared my favorite instruments, props and sensory toys for your favorite spring themes (like the rain themed items below!!), and they are all in one place right here!*

*And Amazon wants you to know... as an Amazon Associate I receive earnings from qualifying purchases ;)

Kids Songs for Spring Playlist AND Teen Spring Again Playlist!

Looking for MORE spring songs?! Check out my Kids Songs for Spring Playlist AND Spring Again, my playlist for teens!!

Here are some goals you can address with them!


  • Movement, language and pre-reading skills (finger trace and identify pictures in the FREE printable, below!!) for Hey, Little Wiggle Worm!

  • Identify colors as you sing The Colors of the Rainbow

  • Interactive play, turn taking - make a band to play along to Oo-de-lally or Blue Skies over the Rainbow together!

  • Move with colored scarves to Made to Bloom or Rainbows or a parachute or canopy scarf to Here Comes the Sun

  • Take turns with a rainstick or thunder tube as you listen to Thunder (feel free to add a spray bottle for sensory fun!)

  • Sensory exploration to Woodland or Dandelions - fill a sensory bin with fake flowers, sticks, rocks, pinecones and other finds from a spring walk outside!


Check out the kids playlist, here and the teen one, here

For EVEN MORE songs to play, learn and grow, check out my shop!

Happy Spring! Wiggle, wiggle, flitter, flutter, buzz, buzz, buzz!! And...

Spread JOY!

<3, Patina Joy

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