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This bundle includes recordings for 10 songs that support social emotional learning for kids and teens! PLUS a 98-page PDF packed with chord sheets, intervention ideas, worksheets, printable visuals, and slide presentation links (for classroom screens, tablets, virtual sessions and more)!


Meet the songs: 


Say, Hi: identify greetings + promote kindness Practice greetings and identify ways to show kindness! Also includes printable fill-in-the-blank songwriting template.


To Make a Friend: identify ways to be and make a friend + to promote friendship Share ways to make a friend!  Also includes printable book, worksheet, and slide presentation!


Shaking Hands with My Friends: non-verbal greetings/interactions Practice examples of "ways to say hello" focusing on finding each student's unique way of saying hello! Ideas include non-verbal greetings such as fist bumps, waving, smiling or elbow bumps! Also includes printable book, worksheet, and slide presentation! 


I'm Feeling Silly: improve self-regulation Use this silly movement song to help your kiddos get ready-to-learn! Repetition of this song while you sing and move together will allow students to practice the skills and have them ready in-the-moment they need them! Also includes printable book, worksheet, and slide presentation! 


I Play This Way: identify emotions + practice emotional expression through instrument play Identify various emotions you may experience and play an instrument to express each one! Also includes a printable songwriting worksheet, emotions word bank, feelings picture cards, and slide presentation! 


My Feelings: identify emotions or behaviors and characteristics + identify coping/regulation skills Identify emotions/behaviors and work together to identify coping skills! Also includes printable worksheet!


Sometimes I Feel Angry: identify emotions and coping skills We sometimes teach children and teens (inadvertently or not), that anger is a bad feeling. But feeling anger itself isn't bad at all! We can acknowledge our feelings, and find safe ways to cope with our anger. Also includes printable book, worksheet and slide presentation!


Calms Me: improve self-regulation + improve gross motor skills This stretching/cool-down song provides kids and teens with the tools they need to help their bodies and minds to be focused, calm and ready to learn. Use this song after a fast-paced strategy, before learning, at the end of the day, or any time students need to relax/stretch their bodies! Also includes printable cards and slide presentation!


All I Have to Do is Breathe: improve self-regulation + practice coping skills Practice deep breathing with this calming melody! Musical elements of chord progression, dynamics and tempo cue the breathing! Also includes printable book, worksheet and slide presentation! 


B-B-B-Bye: to say goodbye + to support transition Transitions can be hard! Whether kiddos are moving to different activities throughout the day or saying a big goodbye when something changes, this song can help provide a sweet transition!


Looking for more songs like these? Get on the waitlist for the Music Therapy Joy Community where you'll find a resource library with hundreds of songs and printables, plus themed session plans, and NEW session plans added monthly!

Social Emotional Learning Bundle

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