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Music Therapy joy community

Training and Tools for Music Therapists in Schools


The Music Therapy Joy Community offers training and tools for school-based music therapists and music therapists working with school-aged children, teenagers, or young adults with special needs. In the Music Therapy Joy family, you will find support, encouragement and inspiration!


Fill your toolbox and fuel your practice, so you can be the best YOU for your clients and students, while still having the energy to invest in your personal passions and relationships!


Included in the community are access to a resource library with new session plans and strategies (the Music Therapy Joy eBox) added monthly, 12 monthly group video calls (worth 15 CMTEs!), and access to a private Facebook group! 

The community is currently closed to new members, but it will open back up DECEMBER 8TH! Get on the waitlist, here!

When you join the community, you get: 

1. Exclusive access to a library with HUNDREDS of Engaging songs and strategieincluding tools like recordings, demo videos, strategy descriptions, lead sheets, and high quality visual aids - both virtual and printable (so you don't always have to re-invent the wheel)!

2. The Music Therapy Joy eBox, so you get new songs and a session plan added EACH MONTH !

3. Community through group calls with others who "get" it because they have been there too (so you don't have to do this alone), and through training relevant to music therapists in schools or working with kids, teens or young adults with special needs (15 CMTE credits)! AND

4.Access to a private facebook group to continue the support, encouragement and strategy sharing in-between calls! 

PLUS you'll get 50% off our other courses and forms 



HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Annual membership in the Music Therapy Joy Community is a one-time payment of $200 (less than $17/month!) OR if you prefer to pay monthly, you may pay in 12-monthly installments of $20! 

WHAT WILL THE 15 CMTES LOOK LIKE? The 15 CMTES will be distributed across 12 monthly group Zoom calls the 2nd Tuesday of each month (with the exception of July, when we will meet on the last Tuesday) at 8:00 PM central. Can't make the call? No worries! The videos will be posted on the membership site! For more course details, click here or reach out to me! 

  • July 26th: Welcome! 

  • August 9th: Back to School 

  • September 13th: Less is More

  • October 11th: Fall Strategies 

  • November 8th: Special Education Hot Topic

  • December 13th: Winter Strategies

  • January 10th: New Year Check-In

  • February 14th: Less is More

  • March 14th: Spring and Summer Strategies 

  • April 11th: Difficult Meetings and Evaluations

  • May 9th: Navigating Difficult Behaviors

  • June 13th: Self-Evaluation

Do I have to be a school-based music therapist to benefit? Definitely not! A few of the calls will be directly related to music therapy in schools, but most of the topics apply to ANY music therapist working with kids, teens or young adults with learning differences! 

What if i am a music therapy student or intern? Still working on getting that MT-BC? Awesome! You are the FUTURE of our profession, and I can't wait to see what you will do! Come learn with us and let us learn from you! And don't forget to email me for a discount code! 

Can I jump in whenever? No, the community is only open to new members twice per year!