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Winter Must-Haves

It's winter. The kids are stuck inside. Soooo many wiggles. Do their brains. Do the staff. Do YOURSELF - a favor! Start with movement songs!

My favorite movement props during the winter are....

Blue Canopy Scarf, like this one! Play a wintry song and watch the scarf as it moves to the music! Place fairy lights on top and look underneath!

Felt or Plastic Snowflakes, like these! Explore different textures, watch them go up and down on a parachute, then run around and pick them up. Put them back on top and start again!

and Indoor Snowballs, like these! Throw while the music plays and... freeze! when it stops! Throw.... and freeze! Collect them all and start again!

Have fun moving this winter!!

<3, Patina Joy

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