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Songs of Thankfulness

One of my favorite Thanksgiving Songs of all time is Ben Rector's "The Thanksgiving Song." It's a song about celebrating with family and friends, and the heart of gratitude. I've created a few FREE printables to go along with it to facilitate conversations about holiday traditions and thankfulness!

There's a coloring sheet - draw your family traditions or something you're thankful for while you listen! Question cards - tape the the bottom of a frame drum and pass it around while the music plays. When the music stops, the person who ends up with it reads the card and answers the question! OR place numbers on the back of the cards, play and pause the song, calling on a student to pick a number! They answer the card of that number! Are your students non-speaking? Use the worksheets that include pictures! They can point to or circle their answer, or use a device to share their own ideas! Check out a demo, below!

Thank You | Patina Jackson

You can also use this simple song to the tune of "Skip to My Lou" for students to identify what they are thankful for! Use the FREE printable songwriting sheet, or picture cards!

Thankful in My Bones | Patina Jackson

Try this fun movement song to get out the wiggles with a grateful heart!!

Looking for more songs on THANKFULNESS? Try these ones!

Don't forget your free printables!!

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