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I See... I Hear... I Feel... FALL!

I See Fall is now available on all the platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc.)!

To celebrate, I'm sharing the printable book that goes with it FREE! AND some tips to make it multi-sensory!

I SEE Fall!

Read it like a book with the free printable! Look at the pictures! Match the pictures! Practice sight words with repeated phrases - I see the...tree! I see the...leaves! I see the...sweater! You can also read along to the lyric video on YouTube!!

I HEAR Fall!

I see the wind blowing the leaves, but I also HEAR it! I HEAR the campfire crackling! Try finding an instrument to represent each of the 3 verses in the song!

I FEEL Fall!

Add object representation and explore textures!! Feel the leaves and the sticks! The smooth texture of the pumpkin's exterior, the rough stem, and, if you dare, the squishy insides!! Feel the marshmallow, a cinnamon stick for the cider, a toy spider!

I SMELL and TASTE Fall!!

SMELL the campfire!! SMELL and TASTE the cider and the toasted marshmallow, mmmm!!

and MORE!!

Try these other sensory ideas for fall!!

  • Bring in other fall smells and tastes! Cinnamon sticks, cloves, star anise, pumpkin puree or sliced apples of different varieties! Explore them while you listen to Fall is Here or I See Fall!

  • Make some slime, create a water bead sensory bin, or cover a cookie sheet with shaving cream and explore the textures (aka PLAY!) while you listen to Monster Mash!

  • Present instruments with different sounds and textures while you listen to Love Potion No. 9! Take turns plaything them, before placing them in a pot (or an upside down drum!). Give it a good stir and imagine what it "tastes" like!

  • And don't forget proprioception!! Practice balance, sensing your body in space and get all those wiggles out with movement songs like Fall is Here, or songs from Stephanie Leavell's new album Fall Songs for Kids - you will love moving to Falling Leaves, Blowing in the Wind, Bitty Bitty Bat, and more!!

Have fun using your senses this fall! And remember to download your free printable below to go along with I See Fall!!

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