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Songs from the HEART

Updated: Apr 29

February is the perfect time to lean into themes of kindness, friendship & love!! SO, let's chat February Favorites - favorite resources, favorite songs (for kids AND teens!), my newest YouTube video, and OF COURSE, a FREE download!!


My February now on YouTube! But it's no fun if I can't celebrate with YOU! So, I'm sharing a free coloring activity below to go along with it!

Watch We Go Together on:

Listen On:


I also have to confess I have a problem. When I share resources with you, I just want to share ALL THE THINGS in all the formats. So I pack resources like the Winter Bundle with...I don't know... 245 PAGES OF GOODIES!!!

It includes 40 music strategies making up 5 complete session plans (or maybe you call them lesson plans ;) themed for winter months, including the plan pictured above: Cool to Be Kind, which is GREAT for the month of February! Recognize the printable and google slides version of We Go Together on there?


The bundle includes songs, links, printables, chord sheets, demo videos, even google slides versions for print free options! Check it out here!


OH!! And don't forget to use the code Hello24 for $20 off!!


In addition to We Go Together, and others from the Winter Bundle, Here are some songs I LOVE to use with kids this time of year!

If you work in the special education, and you're like me, then you might have a harder time finding school-friendly music to use with your upper grades!! Have no fear!! I got you!! Check out some of these ...

SONGS FROM THE HEART | teens, tweens & young adults

And, did I mention a...


Watch on YouTube or listen along while you color and match things that go together!

Spread JOY!!

<3, Patina Joy

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