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Junk in My Trunk

The year is wrapping up and all of those instruments and folders are a mess strewn across your trunk...and maybe the back seat… and some stuff in the passenger's seat… and side compartments. Needless to say, it’s getting a little out of control. Is it just me?

I like to get my trunk REALLY organized about 4x per year… because I’m a little crazy… Before school starts, before winter break, before spring break and at the end of the school year. Here are a few tips to keeping the junk in the trunk organized!

1. GET IT OUT :: Physically take ALL of it out of your trunk. Did you know those things could be completely empty?! Sanitize it! Machine wash those bags and puppets! If it isn’t something you’re using in the next couple of weeks, put it away. Throw out that trash. Get that broken manipulative to the super glue doc, or trash it if it can’t be salvaged. Return those instruments you borrowed from a friend 3 months ago…

2. CATEGORIZE :: Think about HOW you access or use the folders, books, instruments and other props. Do you have a unit that you will be repeating a few times? Place those items in a pile. Maybe you like to keep all of your folders and books together in one place, and all of your instruments together in another. Pile it up! Maybe you separate your themed group strategies from your specific one on one student strategies that you will repeat across the year. Divide those up!

3. CONTAIN :: Now that you have your piles, decide what storage items you need to contain them and keep them separated. Your repeated unit? Keep those items together in a drawstring bag or tote! Your visual aids and books? Keep those in an upright file. Instruments you use regularly or will use in the next couple of weeks? Keep them in a storage bag or container large enough to hold them all. No stray items! ...except maybe your guitar.

4. STORE :: Now that you have your items purged, categorized and contained, you have permission to put them back in your trunk! ;) and… BREATHE!

Want to know how I organize mine? I am a huge fan of Thirty-One bags (if you read my Christmas Wishlist, you know this about me). No one pays me to say it, I just love them! They are smartly designed to WORK TOGETHER and they are WASHABLE and DURABLE. And cute! So I start with the deluxe utility tote, and put a fold n’ file (an upright file) and organizing utility tote inside of it. Inside the file, I put all of the visual aids and books I need for my current month’s units, as well as a narrow tote bag where I keep visual aids and books I need to address specific, on-going IEP goals for my one on one students. Next I fill the organizing utility tote (aka therapy bag), with my data binder (find out about my nerdy binder here) and strategies I need for my next group or student, and fill up the extra space in the deluxe utility tote with the rest of the instruments and props I need!

Throw in my stroller (well, it’s not for therapy, but it’s great for a walk!), stick my guitar on top, and voila!

Feeling inspired? Can’t stop the organization? Check out these posts for more organization tips!

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Let’s DO this!


<3 Patina Joy

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