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The Music Therapist's Christmas List

Something old. Some thing new. Some things for home. Some things for you. Check out the 2017 Music Therapist's Christmas List! Now, granted... Unless you have Amazon Prime... it's a little late. But, family comes first at my house, so my blog was put on hold. Good news though! You will be all ready for your 2018 music therapy budget! Also note, I'm not getting any ad money for mentioning any of these - they really are my fave products and vendors!!

2017 Music Therapy Joy Christmas List

1 // FireStix Light Up Drum Sticks

I bought mine from West Music where you can select from red, blue, screaming green, purple haze, or...get this... mango tango orange! Created for performers, they light-up on hitting the drum - when I see them, I think, automatic reinforcer! multi-sensory learning! color identification! age-appropriate!

2 // Remo Kids Floor Tom

Also from West Music (I just LOVE their prices and quality AND their support for music therapy!), is my "something old." This floor tom is nothing new or fancy, but it is one of my favorites! It is so versatile! Use it on the floor, or set it on a table. Use it right-side up, or use it upside down (like a cauldron in my version of "Love Potion No. 9"). Play it with your hands, or play it with mallets!

3 // Thirty-One Bags

These bags are the. bomb. (Does anyone say that anymore? ...No? Just me)? Seriously though, the organizing utility tote IS my therapy bag. I have loaded and re-loaded it several times a day for the last several years and it is still going strong. Super durable. Super functional. The width is designed to fit horizontal file folders (visual aids, much?), with plenty of room for a data binder, instruments and props. Then there are side pockets for a water bottle, and those velcro pieces you needed to take off for that one class, and your pen, and that egg shaker that needs extra sanitation, and... you get the picture.

THEN there's the deluxe utility tote, which is perfect for my trunk. Get this. The organizing utility tote (aka therapy bag) is designed to fit inside of it. PLUS I can keep a file organizer for my file folders in it, my small djembe, and some extra seasonal instruments and props I need to have in my rotation!! This "candy corners" print is ADORBS, but if it's not your jam, they have other great patterns to choose from!

I highly recommend buying from Shannon Kowalski as she is an MT-BC AND 31 rep! She can almost always be found supporting music therapy at our SWAMTA regional conference exhibit hall! Oder from her online by visiting:

4 // Remo Kids Make Music Baby Drum

I bought this one from West Music at a conference a couple years ago and it is still one of my 2YO's favorites! The drum is super durable (consistent with Remo's kids line of drums), and the handle is perfect for little digits and chubby palms. The mallet can be held by the stick or ball depending on dexterity, and the foam of the mallet head has withstood many a tooth-mark at my house! Great for when kiddos first start to develop the skill of grabbing at a few months old, all the way up to preschool age!

5 // Clip-Rite Clip Tabs, Clip Flags and Binder Tabs

... I mean... can organization get ANY CUTER?! The gold foil prints are KILLING me right now... I grabbed mine from Wal-Mart (there were more patterns and types in store than online), but you can check out all their options and patterns at Spoiler alert :: I am going to share a video of my planning/data binder with you in 2018, so you can see how I use the tabs daily!

I hope you are enjoying some time off with friends and family this holiday season! During Christmastime you can find me baking cookies with my 2 year old (complete with store bought frosting...because there are only so many hours in a day...), pointing out all the houses with Christmas lights, decorating the house (did you know I'm kind of obsessed with holiday decorating??), going to the playground (because it was 70-something degrees outside the day before yesterday... but it's rainy and 29 degrees right now...#TX), and celebrating the advent season with family bible story time (imagine the 4 month old chilling on her activity mat, the 2YO jumping up and down dancing and singing about Jesus or playing with our magnetic advent calendar, while my husband or I are reading a short passage).

When I slow down long enough to really LOOK at my children, to halt my road rage as my daughter squeals in wonder at the sparkling light-lined houses, to remember the promises of my faith - that my Savior came to the earth to take and forgive my mess - that is when I find true JOY. Wishing you the blessing of SLOWING DOWN and capturing a glimpse of the WONDER this season. Merry Christmas and God bless.

<3 Patina Joy.

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