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SPED Music Therapy 101

What's your connection?

Are you new to music therapy?

Just new to special education?

Have you been serving in schools for years?

Working as a music therapist in special education requires knowledge in numerous areas. What does music therapy look like in school settings - groups? one on one? consult? What does the law say regarding the rights of students with disabilities and their access to music therapy? What do all of these special education acronyms and terms mean, and how do they relate to me as a music therapist? What tools will I use to assess students and how will I determine if a student qualifies? If a student DOES qualify, what will their services look like? How will I plan sessions and document student data? Once I have a plan in place, what instruments and supplies do I need to get started? What other resources exist to help validate music therapy in schools and to help me grow as a music therapist?

As a new music therapist, knowing where to start is so overwhelming! As a veteran music therapist, you may be wanting to find new ways to improve your documentation or to simply have a concise resource at your fingertips to share with supervisors or administrators.

This :: FREE :: resource has you covered! In 'Special Education Music Therapy 101 : A beginners guide to music therapy in schools' you'll find information, definitions, descriptions and links for:

1 :: Music Therapy Service Models

  • Related Service?

  • Direct Service?

  • Program Model?

  • Consult Services?

  • Hybrid models?

2 :: IDEA and Related Services Check out sections of IDEA that support music therapy without having to scour the regulations (although there are links for that too)!

3 :: Terminology

Let's put words into the acronyms and define some of the most common terms!

4 :: Assessments

What do I need to do for an FIE? What's the difference between that and a REED? What format should my assessment take?

5 :: Additional Documentation

Need a new data method? Where do I start with planning? What other documentation do I need?

6 :: Instrument Start-Up List

Take the guess work out with a list compiled from MT's who have been around the block before!

7 :: Additional Links and Resources

Helpful links and must-have book suggestions!

Download your :: FREE :: PDF here or find it on my 'about' page! Let me know what you think and how I can continue to improve this resource for the future! Go change some lives!


<3 Patina Joy

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