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Math 101 :: Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Confession: Math is NOT my favorite subject... but I can't get enough of rhythm! If music is playing, my toe is tapping, my hands are rum-pa-pumming the steering wheel, or I'm dancing like a fool. In the way melody innately connects with language, rhythm innately connects to math - and I can get into that!

Math goals are common among our little learners, and if we can find a way to simplify those goals through music, well - then let's do it, right?! Whether it's using entrainment to a steady beat to assist with counting and one to one correspondence, or using the combination of visuals and a memorable, repetitive melody to learn concepts of differentiation, we can use music to master math!

If you missed my Communication 101 :: A, B, C blog, check it out! If you caught it, you know that I spent time identifying common introductory communication goals among my student's IEP's. I did the same for math! Here are the common intro math goals I found:


Identifying Numbers

One to One Correspondence (or associating each item/picture with a number as we count)

Identifying Shapes

Differentiating Big vs. Small (little)/Long vs. Short

Differentiating Same vs. Different.

From there I put together a pack of strategies, including original songs and visual aids, to address those goals! Don't you love the idea of having an Intro to Math toolkit you can choose from when you have one of these common goals pop up? It has been so helpful to me in my planning/prep for sessions! Here is a preview of some of the songs and visuals!

Download the Into to Math Pack from my shop, and add these math basics to your toolkit, instantly! What are some of the most common math goals YOU see? They might just show up in future math packs!


<3 Patina Joy

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