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Communication 101 :: A, B, C

My favorite goal area to address is COMMUNICATION! I LOVE to see the progress that comes with the marriage of music and language. The way music engages both hemispheres of the brain, providing natural intonation and melodic cues for words, phrases and sentences. The way interactive music-making motivates our kiddos - and is just FUN! Don't you love our job?!

So I spent time scouring the internet, looking over student data, and identifying goals I commonly see in IEP's, and I came up with the following common communication basics in special education!

Motor Imitation

Verbal Imitation (Repeating phonemes, words and phrases)

Identifying/Responding to Name/Names of Peers

Identifying Alphabet (capital and lowercase - and examples of words that start with each letter)

Identifying Sight Words

Labeling Pictures

Identifying and Describing Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives and Verbs.

There are many more to be sure - communication is so complex - but these provide a great foundation for early receptive and expressive communication. From there I put together a pack of strategies, including original songs and visual aids, to address those goals! Wanna see some examples?!

Download the Intro to Communication Pack from my shop, and add these communication basics to your toolkit, instantly!


<3 Patina Joy

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