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My Pun-ny Valentine

Confession: I love LOVE! I am cheesy to the max! It doesn't take more than a sappy commercial to get me teary-eyed... I am crazy about my husband and my 20 month old big-girl (who I prefer to still think of as my baby ;), and our newest bundle of joy due in July! My heart is so full of gratitude for the gift of having a family I love so dearly, and for the blessing of their love for me!

February is a great chance to focus on themes of LOVE, FAMILY and FRIENDSHIP with our students! We can address social skills of taking turns, encouraging others and identifying friends and family we care about! We can choose from a wide selection of love songs to practice recall and attention! We can talk about silly puns on Valentine's cards - "Hey friend, you're DINO-myte." "I DONUT know what I'd do without you!"

These puns are the inspiration for my favorite new strategy, "My Pun-ny Valentine," where I address goals of word identification, picture identification, matching picture to word (label) and identifying puns! Check out the demo!

Enjoy this strategy along with 6 others (including 3 instrument song strategy suggestions, 1 simple fill-in-the-blank songwriting suggestion and 2 more full-color visual aid strategies) in my Valentine's Pack at Snatch it up to instantly add some fun, new, creative strategies to your February toolbox!


<3 Patina Joy

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