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Give Thanks

The month of Thanksgiving has arrived, but no one told Texas... (at a toasty 86 degrees, my daughter was playing in the yard today with a water hose to keep cool...). Despite the warm temperatures, I love November, and I love Thanksgiving! Our family traditions include a road trip to visit extended family (aka lots of loud, outgoing goofballs in one place), reflecting on blessings, and too many slices of (my favorite) chocolate chip pecan pie. Thanksgiving is a great holiday to incorporate into our themes or units because it is not only seasonally appropriate, but it also addresses the history of our country and the important social skill of gratitude.

My Thanksgiving Pack offers 6 themed strategy suggestions (including 2 book suggestions both with original melodies and one with an additional visual aid printable; 3 song and instrument strategy suggestions; and 1 song and visual aid strategy and printable) to address a wide variety of goals (such as demonstrate 1:1 correspondence, distinguish same vs. different, identify verbs, objects, people and rhyme, order events, sustain attention, follow directions, take turns, practice motor skills, and more)!

Here's a peek at one of my favorite Thanksgiving books, and the melody and visual aids I created to go along with it! Love the strategy and want to get the printable + more ideas? Purchase the Thanksgiving Pack at my shop! You can purchase the wonderful book, "The Very First Thanksgiving Day" on Amazon.

Music Therapy Joy is one year old this month, and I'll start my month of gratitude by thanking YOU for following me on Facebook, subscribing to my blog and investing in the joy over the past year! Hope your month is filled with the reminder of all of the blessings you have to be thankful for!


<3 Patina Joy

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