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Back to School

Summer break has come to an end, and the sounds of the beach have been replaced with school bells. Start your year off right with new, creative, hands-on back-to-school strategies, like this one!

For more strategies, check out my latest printable packed with back-to-school goodies for all grades, prek-12! Address goals such as identifying peers; responding to name; rhyming; identifying objects, prepositions and verbs; answering "wh" questions; following directions; taking turns; improving motor skills; counting; identifying numbers and more!

Included in the Back to School Pack digital download are 7 strategy suggestions for the following: "Welcome to School" an original greeting song, the book "Pete the Cat, Rockin' in My School Shoes," 2 instrument songs, 1 dance song, "Pack Your Backpack," and "Counting with Friends" a song and color visual aid. Also included are picture schedule cards for "Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes" and "Pack Your Backpack." Add new strategies to your toolkit to start the year off right! Have fun and EnJOY!

<3 Patina Joy

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