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5 Easy Steps: Create Your Own Secondary Strategy

The Wheels on the Bus just won't cut it for our older students! Do you want to give your secondary students the dignity of using age-appropriate music, but experience difficulty creating effective strategies using popular music? What if I told you, you could create your own secondary strategies using popular music in just 5 easy steps? See for yourself!

First, DEFINE which IEP goal you need to address and break the goal down into its most important parts - what information or steps do the students need to come away with? Next, see what's trending by checking sites like BILLBOARD's HOT 100, and making a list of songs with appropriate content, or content/lyrics that can be easily changed to become appropriate. Then look more closely at the lyrics and listen to the melodies to find a song that could be a good FIT for the content needed to address your goal. Now ADAPT parts of the chorus and 1-2 verses to address your goal. Keep the lyrics simple and concise; the less you change, the easier it will be for them to learn! Finally, CREATE A VISUAL aid using large age-appropriate graphics, like photographs, to supplement the auditory learning with visual stimuli!

To learn more about how to use these steps, take the online course, Serving Secondary Students in Special Education, from Music Therapy Joy and get 3 CMTE's in the process!


<3 Patina Joy

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