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For the Joy of Music Therapy

In the words of my client when she does something fantastic, "Patina is so excited!!!" It is truly my joy to bring to life the beginning of what I believe will be an invaluable resource to music therapists in special education! Music Therapy Joy is cheering for YOU!

Special Education is such an incredible field, yet the burn-out rate is so high! The demands of paperwork, serving enormous case loads, meeting the specific needs of so many unique students, trying to effectively collaborate with other professionals while feeling isolated from other music therapists, sitting through seemingly irrelevant training while in desperate need of inspriation! The struggle is real! This blog is part of a big project to provide you with resources and inspiration!

Over the next few months I hope the site is filled with strategies, training videos and templates to help your practice! I have so many ideas, but I still need YOU! What do you need? What kind of tips and tricks would be helpful to you? Does your schools' meager music therapy budget limit you to approved vendors? I would love to work with you - and them - on adding Music Therapy Joy so that you can access these resources without digging into your personal pocket!

"Patina is so excited!!" Let's do this!

<3 Patina Joy

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