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Speedy Zebra

I love to do a few animal units in the spring, don’t you?

This year I whipped up direction cards with animals on them to both support student goals (like following directions, impulse control, identifying animals, differentiating left and right or stop and go), and keep the theme going.

Pass out egg shakers or other small percussion instruments. Students can play fast like a zebra or slow like a worm. High like a T-Rex or low like a gator. OR move their bodies - waddle left and right like a penguin or bounce up and down like a frog! Use the blank cards to create your own directions!

Play recorded music like ‘Try Everything’ from Zootopia or a familiar classic like, ‘In the Jungle’ to free up your hands to model, assist, and hold up the cards. Play your favorite direction song with the guitar, and place a direction on the floor for them to follow while you lead. Maybe each student will have an opportunity to lead by choosing the next card! How will you use them?

Get the free printable right here!


<3 Patina Joy

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