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Strategies for Success in the Community

What are some of the most critical needs to allow our students to thrive in their communities? That is the question that started the Community Pack.

Age 21. He walks across the stage with his peers cheering him on. His family full of hopes and dreams and fears for the unknown that lies ahead. Despite plans for him to live at home for the foreseeable future, he longs for some degree of independence. Maybe it's the ability to get some fresh air by himself; to go shoot hoops at the gym. Maybe to meet his friends at the mall without a chaperone, and to buy himself lunch; to engage the waiter in a simple conversation.

After imagining this student, a representation of many of the students I have the privilege of serving, I came up with these goals to make that dream a reality:

1 // Identification of Pedestrian Safety Rules + Traffic Signs

2 // Identification of Transportation Options

3 // Identification and Function of Practical Places in the Community

4 // Identification and Value of Cash, Coins and Debit Card

5 // Identification and Practice of Appropriate Greetings and Reciprocal Conversations

Check out this demo of some of the resulting strategies!

What other goals are you addressing for success in the community? Here are some tips for developing age-appropriate songs to address those goals!

Grab the Community Pack printable in my shop, AND have fun creating strategies of your own!


<3 Patina Joy

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