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THE Organized Binder

Y’all. You know how I feel about organizational items. I am crazy about forms. I gush over school supplies. And I can’t resist adorable tabs... so for those of you who are organization nerds like I am, meet my binder. And for those of you who are like, help! Help! Meet my binder.

What did you think? Wondering what you need to get your binder in order? You're only 6 steps away.

The Organized Binder // What You Need

1. DURABLE (AND ADORABLE) BINDER! Mine is 1.5" but you can go with 2" + depending on how many students/classes you see/how many days you work.

2. NOTEBOOK for ideas, reminders, to-do lists, etc.

3. SHEET PROTECTORS for pages you will flip through dozens of times and want to keep in-tact, such as your daily schedule, academic calendar, etc.

4. TAB DIVIDERS Mine are labeled MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, FRIDAY, IEP STUDENTS and PLANNING. Under the "Monday," "Wednesday," "Friday" (the days that I work) tabs, I have data for the program-based classes I see on those days. Under the "IEP Students" tab, I have planning/data for the individual students I see as a related service per their IEP. Under the "Planning" tab, I have planning sheets for my program-based classes.

5. ADDITIONAL CLIPS/TABS I use the Clip-Rite clip tabs, but you can use any other cute clips that inspire you!

6. RESOURCES/FORMS. Here are the forms I use in my binder:

+ Group Data Sheets, Individual Data Sheets, Consult Data Sheets, Planning Sheets // all included in the "Data and Planning Sheets" in my shop!

+ Annual Report // I keep this one page copy for each IEP student along with their data sheets in a paperclip under the "IEP Students" tab - it's the same document I submit to parents at each annual ARD! Get the "Annual Report Templates" in my shop!

+ IEP Student Chart // FREE Download (To edit, open and select: File > Make a copy

Have so much fun getting yourself in order, using consistent, professional-looking forms, and having cute supplies that keep you happy! There is nothing like a FRESH START and crisp data sheets in the morning...what? just me?

Happy New Year!


<3, Patina Joy

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