A Music Therapy Joy eBox is a DIGITAL file full of strategy descriptions, printables and SONG RECORDINGS (NEW for Music Therapy Joy)! You can do any of these strategies via a virtual platform or in person without "sharing" anything! In addition to the printables (which can be shared digitally with parents or teachers), the necessary materials include items you can readily find at home or in the classroom! 


Who Can Use a Music Therapy Joy eBox?
>> Music Therapists

>> Special Education Teachers

>> Preschool or Kindergarten Teachers

>> Speech Language Pathologists
>> Parents of kiddos with special needs

>> Homeschool Groups with young children
>> Mamas with little kiddos at home!


Each month the Music Therapy Joy e-Box will include:
>> A greeting song + a goodbye song to help with transitions
>> A song and visual printable to identify letters of the alphabet + initial sounds/phonemes (2-3 letters each month, so that all 26 have been introduced by the end of the school year!)

>> A song and visual printable to practice counting and identifying numbers. The printable includes number cards plus pictures to go along with the month’s theme that can be cut out and counted!
>> 3 additional songs and strategies to address a variety of goals in a theme each month. 


That is 7 song files + 7 strategies straight to your inbox for only $5 with monthly subscription! It’s VIRTUALLY magical! 


>> WHAT MONTH AM I ORDERING? Order the subscription by the last day of the month to get the next month’s ebox (i.e. Purchase the subscription from the shop between September 2nd-September 30th to get the October ebox on October 1st)! 


>> WHEN and HOW WILL I GET MY EBOX? When you purchase a subscription, the Music Therapy Joy EBOX will be delivered to your INBOX on the 1st day of each month! 


>> WHEN and HOW WILL I BE BILLED? You will pay for the first month of the subscription upon placing your order. Then, you will be auto-billed monthly on the same day of the month that you first placed the order (i.e. if you order on August 25th, you will be billed next on September 25th, etc.). THEN the ebox will arrive on the 1st of the following month. 


>> CAN I CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION? We don’t think you will want to! But if you do, you may cancel at any time for any reason! 

Music Therapy Joy eBox Subscription

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