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Using Music to Improve Reading

My daughter and I were talking about the Chronicles of Narnia the other day, and she asked me what I thought was better - the books or the movies. We talked about how movies bring to your eyes what was only before in your mind. But books are just magical. As you read, you imagine. You learn. You wonder.

And even as she struggled to want to read early on, her reading now has meaning because she's learned that it unlocks so many things for her! Street signs and birthday cards, stories and scripts!

As teachers and therapists, we want to find ways to UNLOCK reading for unique learners, ALL learners! And music is one of those ways!

As we sing, we engage both hemispheres of the brain. As we sing, we rote memorize. As we memorize, we repeat. And the repetition (singing the words as we look at the words) transforms rote memorization to committing individual sight words to memory!

I just get so excited about it!!

So I've not only written printable singable books that use Dolch's or Fry's first 100 lists (check them out here!), I've also created lots of seasonal and holiday themed printable singable books!!

Remember this fall freebie?? Find it here!

ALL of these books can be found in my Community Resource Library. If you don't know about it, the Music Therapy Joy Community is filled with music therapists and educators working with kids and teens with special needs. Members have access to the Resource Library (with hundreds of songs, session plans and visuals like these) right at their fingertips! Not to mention earning 15 CMTE's/year from monthly training calls! ;)

The Community opens to new members only 2x/year, but it's coming soon!! You can jump in and join us on December 5th!! Get on the waitlist here (so you don't miss it when the community opens)!

But for now, sing along as we read Snowflake, Snowflake, What Do You See? (to the tune of "twinkle, twinkle, little star")! Download your free printable below. Then, listen to the song on Spotify here (or search Patina Jackson Snowflake, Snowflake, wherever you stream or download music!). Or follow along on YouTube, here.

Happy Reading!! I can't wait to hear about the difference you are making in the lives of kids and teens!

Spread JOY!

<3, Patina Joy

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