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You Wouldn't imagine

Y'all. If you haven't heard of the "imagine.magazine," you are in for a TREAT. This annual early childhood music therapy publication (with FREE access) is PACKED with research and strategies for your littlest of learners.

This year's issue addresses, "what music therapists, parents, early childhood educators, service providers and administrators should know about early childhood music therapy." You can gain FREE access (did I mention it's FREE?!) to this INVALUABLE resource by visiting

and clicking on "Current Issue." You can also download the ebook for a steal on their shop!

Get this: "The 2016 imagine.magazine features over 70 authors from 12 countries who share their dedication and passion for early childhood music therapy with you. Each article speaks to "What should a [...] know about early childhood music therapy and [...]" Illustrated with text, images, drawings, audio/video recordings, and hyperlinks to additional resources, this early childhood advocacy issue is accessible to everyone." Reports, research, intervention ideas, podcasts and more!

SOME of my favorite articles include:

The "Research Snapshot" by Dr.'s Blythe Lagasse and Andrew Knight where they take the guess work out of finding current research articles relevant to early childhood and music therapy.

Elizabeth K. Schwarz article "Recognized and Researched: An Administrator's Guide to Music Therapy" where she describes ways music therapists can help educational administrators navigate the role and importance of music therapy in education (yes, please)!

Pages 80 and 81 where Dr. Marcia Humpal shares tips for students working in early childhood (which we could all take a lesson from), and a nice infographic validating music therapy's impact on 8 key areas of development!

...and the pages full of dozens of music therapy interventions - including goals, descriptions and sheet music! ...and I'm not even halfway through it!

What are you waiting for?! Get learning! EnJOY!

<3 Patina Joy

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