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Let's Get Organized!

It's time to say goodbye to the "umms" and "uhhs" when people ask us to validate our practice, and instead respond with, "it all starts with evidence-based strategies and goal-driven music therapy sessions! Would you like to see some data?". I have created SIMPLE, yet PROFESSIONAL forms to 1. promote planning evidence-based strategies, 2. organize those strategies, and 3. take accurate and concise data so that you can be as effiecient, and effective, as possible when driving from campus to campus to fulfill your busy caseload!

You may run and hide when you hear words like, "research" and "evidence-based practice" but not any more! Evidence-based practice includes knowledge of the avaliable research, but other pieces of the puzzle are equally as important such as your expertise and professional judgement, student preferences, and data on student responses!

Check out these Music Therapy Planning Sheets and get 3 resources in one! Use the Strategy Brainstorm sheet to help you design evidence-based, goal-driven strategies! Use the Strategy Plan Sheets by Month to organize your strategies into a session and to view multiple sessions at a time. Use the Monthly Quick-Reference Sheets to see a month's worth of session plans at-a-glance!

Then check out these Music Therapy Data Sheets to keep accurate and concise data for three different types of programming!

Use the Group Data Sheet in a program-based model to keep data on up to 10 students and up to 4 goals in an easy-to-read format! Use the Individual Data Sheets in a direct-service or true related service model to take data on a 1:1 student! Use the Consult Data Sheet with a consult to teacher or consult to program model to keep track of goals addressed, strategies presented and materials provided!

Let's get organized! EnJOY!

<3 Patina Joy

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